The Sun is at the transition between the sign of Scorpio and Sagittarius. We can observe next days that the ego of the majority will emerge from the instinctive level to a level of action and it will enter to an energetic and just state, with much more optimism and vitality, what will give us more time for social interactions and societal activities.

On the other hand, ideas that would move us revolutionary now will not be able to be fulfilled, but remember that this has its justice and order. This situation with some plans that would significantly ease our life situation will unfortunately have to wait a little longer than we planned. Don’t let that demoralize you!


This planet that carries the symbolism and energy of news, logic and communication. It’s position is quite stable in Scorpio for the next 10 days. As such, it gives us the power to understand instinctive situations, as well as the motives behind what is mysterious to us. The next ten days are the right moment for us not to be afraid of the unknown, but to get into the essence of the same…

As with the Sun, we will have a great need to solve revolutionary situations for us by logic, but that is the wrong approach. Instead of wasting energy on revolution and change, let’s try to first remove from ourselves everything that makes us bad and negative. The best period for that will be from November 24 to November 27. After this period, the moment awaits us when we are able to adjust our discipline and routine in accordance with our instinctive nature. When all this happens, only then will we have the perception of a signpost to revolution…


Venus is already at the entrance to Scorpio. As such it offers neat energy vibrations for most sensual and emotional people with dominant water in the natal chart. So, Cancers, Pisces, Scorpios and Taurus (as well as people with strong emotional aspects in these signs) get ready for situations in love that will make you very happy or emotional, but also prepare for unusual and sudden gains.

When Venus is positioned like this, it can generally give everyone a deeper perspective on the person we have feelings for, as well as a deeper perspective on our enemies and business associates. It is especially important that our instinct for work and love will be strengthened with the vibration of the energy of this planet. In order to get the real effect of this aspect of Venus, be prepared to overcome obstacles and distances in your behavior that are generally below or above your pride.

Some situations that happen to you will not be very positive and will break some parts of you, but they are the situations that will make a room for the best that follows You very soon. In all this, there is a great despair that the situation cannot change the way you would like it to, but be satisfied with what you have, because for now you have exactly as much as you need. Better times are coming, rest assured!


This planet, which is a symbol of musky energy, our active potential, impulsivity and defense, is still slightly inert in terms of energy. It has recently come out of retrograde motion, and as such is still moving more slowly and giving us more energy to boost our productivity. In the next ten days, only two degrees of the sign of Aries this planet will pass, so the revolutionary that is late can be connected with the energy of Mars. We owe it just a little more to be patient.

Since the beginning of December, the situation is moving in a better direction and we will have several different mechanisms on how to take action and win everything we imagined. Most of the lives of most people are about the paradox of waiting for justice, so the direct position of one of the asteroids towards Mars warns us that justice is not directed exclusively to the spiritual understanding of the same, but also to the logical. Spiritual perception is the moment when inexplicable factors suddenly appear that punish a person who has done a bad deed out of selfishness and does not repent.

The logical notion is when a person has begun to bear the weight of the consequences of things he or she has unjustly done for his own benefit. In the Logical context, things happen because of a sequence of events that are inevitable (if a person stole someone, then she or he is aware that the relationship between him/her and that person will never be the same again, if this person assessed that he was stolen and knows from whom) . The logical sequence of events is precisely the one that must go before the revolution. That sequence will only begin sometime in early December, so remember that patience is a virtue, not a burden!

Signs for which this period:

Positive:  Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Gemini

Neutral:  Aquarius, Aries, Pisces and Virgo

Bad:  Libra, Cancer, Leo and Taurus

Minerals that can help:  Garnet, Heliotrope, Hematite, Magnetite, Carnelian, Charoite, Topaz and Rock Crystal


A. Dominik Rodic